Is a dealership allowed to sell a new vehicle with an open safety recall?

Dear Consumer Ed:  I ordered a new truck six weeks ago, which was just delivered to the dealership. I went to the dealership, filled out all the paperwork and left the finance department with the salesperson and the keys in hand.

Roofer never finished repair work

Dear Consumer Ed:  I hired a company to repair my roof after it sustained some damage.  They did some of the work, but never finished the job.  It’s been three weeks now.  I have tried calling them and they won’t return my calls.  What can I do now?

Scammers and telemarketers keep calling even though I'm on the Do-Not-Call list

Dear Consumer Ed:  What can I do to stop scammers and phony telemarketers from calling me all the time? The Do-Not-Call list used to work for me, but not anymore.  They bother me on my landline home phone and on  my cell phone.  

Health club closing, won't let me out of my contract

Dear Consumer Ed:  Last month I made an advance payment of $407 for a membership at a health club. I just received an email from the business stating they are closing down the location I joined and offering no refunds.

Cell phone repair shop needs my password; how can I protect my information?

Dear Consumer Ed:  I took my cell phone to the repair shop because the screen was broken. They said they needed my password to unlock the phone and make the repair. I’m concerned about all of my information being exposed like that.

Collection agency claims it will reduce my outstanding hospital debt if I pay now

Dear Consumer Ed:  I just received a call from a collection agency concerning an outstanding hospital bill I owe for $1,100.  They said that if I pay within a week they’ll reduce the debt to $400.  Do they have the ability to do that, or do I have to worry about another agency contacting me in th

Used car sold without air bags

Dear Consumer Ed:  Last month I bought a 2012 used car “as is” from a dealership.  I just discovered that the car was sold to me without air bags, which the dealer never disclosed.  Is this legal in the State of Georgia?

Doctor's office closed and I cannot access my medical records

Dear Consumer Ed:  My doctor’s office closed down and now I don’t have access to my medical records.  Aren’t these types of records supposed to be kept on file for several years so patients are protected from something like this happening?

Reducing tax debt

Dear Consumer Ed:  I worked as an independent contractor the last two years while my wife was unemployed. During that time I did not file my taxes because we needed the money to make ends meet.  Now we owe the IRS and the Georgia Department of Revenue a total of $18,500 for back taxes and penalties.   We have no way to come up with that kind of money.  I have heard ads for tax resolution companies that say they can help reduce your tax debt, but I’m not sure if they are legitimate or not.  Is this something we should pursue? 

I don't think my elderly father is fit to drive anymore

Dear Consumer Ed:  My father is 87 years old, and I don’t believe he should be driving any longer.  I’ve told him that I’m afraid he’s going to hurt himself or someone else, but he just gets angry and refuses to discuss it.