Consumer Alerts

Scams and consumer alerts from the Georgia Department of Law's Consumer Protection Division:

Call Spoofing Scams
Scammers defraud consumers by using call spoofing technology to falsify Caller ID information.

Timeshare Resale Scam
Scammers posing as real estate brokers swindle thousands of dollars out of time share owners.

Scammers Posing as Government Officials Con Consumers Out of Thousands of Dollars
Working in teams, scammers perpetrate elaborate scheme to swindle consumers out of their life savings.

Tax Scams and Tax Identity Theft
How to protect yourself from tax-related scams

Do Your Homework before Joining a Gym
Make sure your investment pays off by doing your research and knowing your rights.

Phone Scams
How to recognize and avoid imposter phone scams and telemarketing fraud

Toy Safety
How to make sure the toys you purchase are safe

Holiday Scams
Tips for avoiding holiday scams

Cybersecurity Tips
How to keep electronic devices protected from cyber threats

Fake Phone Calls and Letters from Scammers Posing as Government Officials
Beware of these sweepstakes and IRS imposter scams 

Sweepstakes Scams
You're won a prize...but you have to pay money to collect it...

Email Scam Targeting Faith-Based Communities
Imposter email scam tricks congregants into sending iTunes gift cards to scammers.

Door-to-Door Home Alarm System Scams
Tips for recognizing and avoiding home alarm system and other door-to-door scams

Publisher's Clearing House Scams
Learn how to recognize a Publisher's Clearing House scam.

Latest Imposter Scams
How to avoid romance scams and Netflix phishing scam