I paid for merchandise that I never received

Dear Consumer Ed:  I purchased custom shirts that were supposed to be ready within two weeks.  It’s now six months later and still no shirts. Is it a crime to take money and not produce the goods that you sold? What can I do?     

Car sold with wrong VIN number

Dear Consumer Ed:  A car dealer sold me a used car that was an automatic.  After purchasing it, my insurance company did a VIN number check, which indicated that the car had a manual transmission.

Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) on Vehicles Purchased Out-of-State

Dear Consumer Ed:  I live in Missouri and will be moving to Atlanta next month.  Will I have to pay the Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) in Georgia, even though I already paid vehicle tax in Missouri?

Optometrist won't send revised claim to insurance company

Dear Consumer Ed:  I just had my eyes examined and my optometrist prescribed progressive lenses.  The cost for the new glasses was $650.

Builder damaged my yard

Dear Consumer Ed:  I have been dealing with a builder for over a year regarding damage done to my yard after they graded the home next door to mine. The damage has caused two sinkholes in my yard, but the builder maintains that there is no problem. What can I do? 

Towing company damaged my car

Dear Consumer Ed:  Two months ago my Corvette was towed for being illegally parked in front of a business.

Credit Card Balance Transfer Offers

Dear Consumer Ed:  I keep receiving 0% balance transfer offers in the mail from credit card companies.  I’m carrying a little extra debt right now. How can I determine if it’s a good idea to transfer my existing credit card debt to the 0% card? 

Misleading free-trial period for mobile app

Dear Consumer Ed:  My child has an iPad, which I have set up so that he cannot download apps unless I approve them from my device.  I recently downloaded an app for him that implied there was a free one-year trial period.  After downloading the app, I got an email explaining that while the subscr

Do I need insurance against damage to my water pipes?

Dear Consumer Ed:  I received an insurance solicitation in the mail saying that the water pipes on my property are my responsibility and not the responsibility of the county. The letter contained an offer to purchase insurance on the water pipes in case they ever burst or got damaged.

Is it legal for car rental company to charge extra fees?

Dear Consumer Ed:  At what point are all the extra fees I pay for rental cars illegal? I am quoted one price and by the end of the trip I pay 25% more. Shouldn’t rental car companies be required to quote me the total price?