Landlord overcharging for damages upon move-out

Dear Consumer Ed:  I moved into an apartment and paid a pet fee since I have a small dog.

What are "buyback" and "branded title" vehicles?

Dear Consumer Ed:  What do “buyback” and “branded title” mean on a used vehicle?

How can Medicare protect my Social Security number from being stolen?

Dear Consumer Ed:  I hate giving out my Social Security number, but there are times when you really do not have a choice.

Finding a reputable dog breeder

Dear Consumer Ed:  I want to get a Golden Retriever.  I looked online and found a dog breeder that is located about an hour away. They seem to be honorable, but how can I confirm that they are reputable before I proceed? 

Unwanted shipments following free trial offer

Dear Consumer Ed:  I responded to an online ad for a free trial offer of skin cream. I received the cream and my credit card was charged $4.95 as stated.

My Social Security number was compromised

Dear Consumer Ed:  I recently purchased a home and the closing attorney's office did not send my documents via encrypted mail, which resulted in the exposure of my personal information, including my Social Security number.

I paid for merchandise that I never received

Dear Consumer Ed:  I purchased custom shirts that were supposed to be ready within two weeks.  It’s now six months later and still no shirts. Is it a crime to take money and not produce the goods that you sold? What can I do?     

Car sold with wrong VIN number

Dear Consumer Ed:  A car dealer sold me a used car that was an automatic.  After purchasing it, my insurance company did a VIN number check, which indicated that the car had a manual transmission.

Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) on Vehicles Purchased Out-of-State

Dear Consumer Ed:  I live in Missouri and will be moving to Atlanta next month.  Will I have to pay the Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) in Georgia, even though I already paid vehicle tax in Missouri?

Optometrist won't send revised claim to insurance company

Dear Consumer Ed:  I just had my eyes examined and my optometrist prescribed progressive lenses.  The cost for the new glasses was $650.