January 27, 2022

How much notice must landlord give tenant before raising rent?

Dear Consumer Ed:

The apartment I rent has a 12-month lease. The property was recently sold and the management company changed. I am concerned that they may raise the rent at the end of the lease term. How far in advance of my lease expiration are they required to notify me of a planned rent increase?

Consumer Ed says:

It depends on what your lease says. Georgia law does not require a 12-month lease to renew when it ends, so whether or not your landlord has a deadline to notify you about a planned rent increase depends on your lease agreement. If you have a copy of your lease, you should read it to see if it says anything about what happens when your lease ends. Some leases require the landlord to give you a written offer to renew the lease sometime before the lease ends, which would include the monthly rent for the new lease. Other leases renew automatically, and sometimes the rent increase is specified in the lease agreement itself.

There is also a chance that the lease could say something different happens when there is a new owner. You may want to ask the new management company about your lease. Depending on how many months are left in your lease, the company might not know yet if it plans to increase rent. Here are some questions you may want to consider asking the management company:

  • Does the company plan on sending renewal offers to tenants whose leases are expiring?
  • How long before a lease expires will the company notify a tenant about the monthly rent for a new lease?
  • If a tenant wants to renew their lease, do they have to notify the landlord by a certain day?
  • Is the tenant required to give the landlord notice if they want to move?

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