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How can Medicare protect my Social Security number from being stolen?

May 22, 2018

Dear Consumer Ed:  I hate giving out my Social Security number, but there are times when you really do not have a choice. How can Medicare protect me when my Social Security number is on my Medicare card and I frequently have to present the card at doctors’ offices, where my card is then photocopied?

Finding a reputable dog breeder

May 8, 2018

Dear Consumer Ed:  I want to get a Golden Retriever.  I looked online and found a dog breeder that is located about an hour away. They seem to be honorable, but how can I confirm that they are reputable before I proceed? 

Unwanted shipments following free trial offer

April 24, 2018

Dear Consumer Ed:  I responded to an online ad for a free trial offer of skin cream. I received the cream and my credit card was charged $4.95 as stated. A month later, I received another jar of the skin cream, and my credit card was charged $94.99.  I never ordered that second jar of cream.  Then the following month I received another jar and there was another $94.99 charge to my credit card.  It was a big hassle to get the company to refund my money. I never asked to be sent additional products after the free trial offer. Didn’t the company violate the law by doing this?

My Social Security number was compromised

April 5, 2018

Dear Consumer Ed:  I recently purchased a home and the closing attorney's office did not send my documents via encrypted mail, which resulted in the exposure of my personal information, including my Social Security number. What guidelines do attorneys who practice in the real estate area have to follow regarding the safe handling of consumer's personal information?

I paid for merchandise that I never received

March 27, 2018

Dear Consumer Ed:  I purchased custom shirts that were supposed to be ready within two weeks.  It’s now six months later and still no shirts. Is it a crime to take money and not produce the goods that you sold? What can I do?     

Car sold with wrong VIN number

March 12, 2018

Dear Consumer Ed:  A car dealer sold me a used car that was an automatic.  After purchasing it, my insurance company did a VIN number check, which indicated that the car had a manual transmission. I don’t know what to make of this, but it seems like the dealer may have misrepresented the car he sold me.  I purchased this car “as is,” but am wondering if I can return the car and get my money back, given this turn of events?

Optometrist won't send revised claim to insurance company

February 16, 2018

Dear Consumer Ed:  I just had my eyes examined and my optometrist prescribed progressive lenses.  The cost for the new glasses was $650. My insurance allowance is only $300, so I had to pay $350 out-of-pocket.  Unfortunately, the new lenses did not work out for me, so I returned them a week later for less expensive ($400), single-vision eyeglasses, which the eyeglasses store is providing at no additional cost.  However, the store refuses to submit a revised claim to my insurance company so that I can get a refund for the $250 difference in price between the progressive and the single-vision lenses. What can I do?

Builder damaged my yard

February 9, 2018

Dear Consumer Ed:  I have been dealing with a builder for over a year regarding damage done to my yard after they graded the home next door to mine. The damage has caused two sinkholes in my yard, but the builder maintains that there is no problem. What can I do?

Towing company damaged my car

January 23, 2018

Dear Consumer Ed:  Two months ago my Corvette was towed for being illegally parked in front of a business. During the tow, my car sustained $1,500 worth of damages.  I contacted the business and the towing company, but both disregarded my complaint.  How can I get them to pay for the damage done to my car?