November 28, 2023

Cancelling custom-ordered merchandise

Dear Consumer Ed:

Can I back out of purchasing custom-ordered goods? Can I get my deposit back?

Consumer Ed says:  

Custom-ordered products are typically agreed to and purchased by contract; so, your rights are going to be determined by what is stated in the contract. Since manufacturers of made-to-order goods can often incur significant costs in production, they are likely to have strict policies relating to canceling orders and issuing refunds. There are a few exceptions that provide Georgia consumers with a three-day cancellation right, but these scenarios are less common.

Georgia does not have any law that requires businesses to accept returns or provide refunds or exchanges. While businesses are free to set their own return policies and refund procedures, they are required to honor their posted policies. For this reason, it is very important that before making a purchase, especially a large one, consumers understand businesses’ policies regarding returns, cancellations, and refunds, and that whenever possible, consumers get a copy of those policies in writing.

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