Door-to-door magazine sales

Dear Consumer Ed: A teenage girl came to my door selling magazine subscriptions. She said she lived in the neighborhood and was trying to raise money for college tuition. I wrote the magazine company a check for $83 for three subscriptions.

Vacation rental ad sounds too good to be true

Dear Consumer Ed: I have read several offers for vacation rentals on the Internet that appear to be too good to be true. What should I look out for?

Is money going to sweepstakes scammers?

Dear Consumer Ed: I’m worried about my 84 year-old aunt.  I was at her house and noticed she had a box of sweepstakes and lottery letters on her kitchen table.  She insists she is not playing the lottery, but I’m concerned that she is sending what little money she has to strangers.  What should I

Network marketing programs

Dear Consumer Ed: I was approached after church by a friend to join a network marketing program. I’m told I can make a lot of money if I work hard at it. My only concern is that I have to pay $75.00 up front to join. Is this legitimate?

Received notice about unclaimed money

Dear Consumer Ed: I just received an “Unclaimed Property Due Diligence Notification” letter. According to the letter, five years ago some company supposedly issued me a $72.00 check that I never claimed.

Work-at-Home Jobs

Dear Consumer Ed: My unemployment insurance is about to run out.  I keep seeing these on-line job offers where you can make a lot of money working from home.  They ask you to pay a fee for training and certification.  How can I make sure I am not wasting my time and money?