November 04, 2010

What if my car is a "Lemon"?

Dear Consumer Ed:

I have had repeated problems with my car since I bought it. Do I have recourse under Georgia’s Lemon Law?

Consumer Ed says:

Georgia’s Lemon Law covers new motor vehicles purchased, leased or registered in Georgia. It does not cover used vehicles. To be potentially eligible, you must have a documented (e.g., dealer repair order) problem that has not been corrected after a reasonable number of attempts. If your vehicle qualifies as a “lemon,” the manufacturer is required to repurchase or replace your vehicle. The law has a time period within which a reasonable number of attempts must occur and steps to follow if you need to file a claim for state-operated arbitration. You can obtain information about the specific requirements of the law by going to the Georgia Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division by calling 404-651-9397.

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