Foreclosure Rescue Offers

Dear Consumer Ed: I’m about to lose my home and have already received counseling through the government’s Making Home Affordable Program. Despite their help, my income simply is not enough to make it work. I got a flyer from a company that’s promising to save my home.

Is auto warranty renewal postcard legit?

Dear Consumer Ed: I received a postcard saying that my car warranty is about to expire with an offer to have it renewed.  How do I know if this is legitimate?

What if my car is a "Lemon"?

Dear Consumer Ed: I have had repeated problems with my car since I bought it. Do I have recourse under Georgia’s Lemon Law?

What happens to Lemon Law cars?

Dear Consumer Ed: I’m curious. What happens to the Lemon Law cars that are repurchased or replaced?

Repair shop sold my car!

Dear Consumer Ed: My Grandmother dropped her car off for repairs at an automobile repair shop. She was hospitalized for two months following an accident and when she went to pick up the car she learned they sold it! Can they do that?

Car dealer didn't disclose damage

Dear Consumer Ed: A couple months ago I bought a new car. I recently took it to my mechanic for an oil change, and he asked me if the car had ever been in a wreck.  He said the bumper had been damaged.

Cancelling vehicle sales contract

Dear Consumer Ed: I purchased a vehicle from a used car dealership.  The day after I bought it, the car wouldn’t start.  I immediately contacted the dealer and asked for my money back, but they said the purchase was “as-is”, and the sale was final.  Don’t I have a 3-day right to cancel?

Do debts expire?

Dear Consumer Ed: A collection agency sent me a bill for a debt that is 12 years old.  I remember this bill, but since it’s so old, am I obligated to pay it?  Do debts expire?

Credit Card Scam

Dear Consumer Ed: I received a call from someone claiming to be from the fraud department of my credit card company.  They already had my name, address, and credit card number, so I assumed the call was legitimate.  They told me my card had been flagged for an unusual purchase pattern and asked m

Free credit report

Dear Consumer Ed: Aren’t I entitled to a free credit report every year? And if so, how do I get it?”