Difference between credit freeze and fraud alert

Dear Consumer Ed: I lost my wallet last week.

How can I improve my credit score?

Dear Consumer Ed: I ran up some debt a few years ago when I was out of work and couldn’t pay my bills.  This has hurt my credit rating, and I’m having a hard time getting approved for a loan as a result.  Is there anything I can do to improve my credit score?

Contractor did poor job

Dear Consumer Ed: I hired a contractor to do some work on my home. He took forever to do the work. Now, after having paid him in full, I have found a lot of things that he did wrong. I don’t want to deal with him any more.

Tenant rights in a foreclosure

Dear Consumer Ed: My landlord is having financial problems, and I am worried that the house I am renting may go into foreclosure.  As a tenant, what are my rights? Will I be forced to leave immediately?

Subcontractor placing lien on my home!

Dear Consumer Ed: I paid a roofer to repair some damage to my roof. Now, several months later, I’m being contacted by one of his workers who is threatening to place a lien against my home because the roofer never paid him. Can he do this?

Regulations on air conditioners

Dear Consumer Ed: I heard I have to replace my home air conditioner because of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. Is that true?

Selling a time share

Dear Consumer Ed: My parents own a time share. They rarely go there, and I have no interest in buying it from them.

Guaranteed government grants

Dear Consumer Ed: I received a call from a company that said it could guarantee me a government grant within 3 months. They asked for an up-front fee of $2500 for writing the grant applications. I paid the money and now I am worried that I might have been scammed. What do you think?

Gas station charging exorbitant prices

Dear Consumer Ed:

The gas station on the corner is charging 30 cents more per gallon than other places in the area.  Isn’t that price gouging?

Putting an end to junk mail

Dear Consumer Ed: How can I stop the amount of junk mail I get?