Difference between credit freeze and fraud alert

Dear Consumer Ed: I lost my wallet last week.

How can I improve my credit score?

Dear Consumer Ed: I ran up some debt a few years ago when I was out of work and couldn’t pay my bills.  This has hurt my credit rating, and I’m having a hard time getting approved for a loan as a result.  Is there anything I can do to improve my credit score?

Contractor did poor job

Dear Consumer Ed: I hired a contractor to do some work on my home. He took forever to do the work. Now, after having paid him in full, I have found a lot of things that he did wrong. I don’t want to deal with him any more.

Tenant rights in a foreclosure

Dear Consumer Ed: My landlord is having financial problems, and I am worried that the house I am renting may go into foreclosure.  As a tenant, what are my rights? Will I be forced to leave immediately?

Subcontractor placing lien on my home!

Dear Consumer Ed: I paid a roofer to repair some damage to my roof. Now, several months later, I’m being contacted by one of his workers who is threatening to place a lien against my home because the roofer never paid him. Can he do this?

Regulations on air conditioners

Dear Consumer Ed: I heard I have to replace my home air conditioner because of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. Is that true?

Selling a time share

Dear Consumer Ed: My parents own a time share. They rarely go there, and I have no interest in buying it from them.

Landlord won't make repairs

Dear Consumer Ed: I have an upstairs drain that is leaking downstairs into my kitchen. I live in an apartment complex so I rent and I am getting the run-around about the problem being fixed. What can I do?

Guaranteed government grants

Dear Consumer Ed: I received a call from a company that said it could guarantee me a government grant within 3 months. They asked for an up-front fee of $2500 for writing the grant applications. I paid the money and now I am worried that I might have been scammed. What do you think?

Gas station charging exorbitant prices

Dear Consumer Ed:

The gas station on the corner is charging 30 cents more per gallon than other places in the area.  Isn’t that price gouging?