Payday loan offer - is it a scam?

Dear Consumer Ed: I got a call from a man in Washington, D.C.

Landlord charging for normal wear and tear upon move-out

Dear Consumer Ed: My landlord now wants to charge us $30 for a new battery for the smoke detector, $90 for three door stoppers, $125 to patch paint for a small area and for water marks that existed before we moved in.  The total bill he’s giving us is for around $1,000.

Landlord charging for normal wear and tear

Dear Consumer Ed: I am moving out of my apartment and just got a move-out inspection sheet with the following itemized costs:  Carpet - $75, Cleaning - $75, Blinds - $105, Crayon marks - $50, Damaged tub - $50. The tub is not damaged. Carpet is old (5 years). The apartment is clean.

Will my debit card be rejected if there are insufficient funds in my account?

Dear Consumer Ed: Are banks obliged to reject attempts to use a debit card when there are insufficient funds in the account?

Will co-signing a loan for my daughter affect my credit?

Dear Consumer Ed: My daughter wants me to co-sign a loan for a car. If she is late on a payment, will this affect my credit, as well as hers?

Will a dismissed bankruptcy show up on my credit report?

Dear Consumer Ed: A few years ago, when my ex-husband and I were still married, we filed for bankruptcy. A few months into it we decided to get a divorce, so we never completed the bankruptcy, and it was dismissed.

Will a credit freeze prevent my credit card company from increasing my credit limit?

Dear Consumer Ed: If I place a credit freeze on my credit report, will it prevent a credit card company from increasing the credit limit on my credit card?

Why do I have different credit scores?

Dear Consumer Ed: I recently applied for a $6,000 loan to pay off some credit cards. When the bank pulled my credit score it was 550, but when I pulled it from TransUnion, it was over 200 points higher. How is that possible? Which is correct?

What is the maximum interest and fees a buyer of old credit card debt can charge?

Dear Consumer Ed: I have some outstanding credit card debt from seven years ago. I was recently contacted by a debt collector, who is not the actual creditor, attempting to collect this debt. They want me to pay fees and interest that have nothing to do with the original debt.

What can I do about high credit card fees and interest rates?

Dear Consumer Ed: My bank and credit cards are charging me all kinds of fees that I think are too high and unfair to consumers. Is there an agency that can get the interest rate lowered on my credit cards or help get rid of all those fees?