November 04, 2010

Store refund policy

Dear Consumer Ed:

I bought a shirt last week and it doesn’t fit.  I brought it back to the store with my receipt, but they will only give me a store credit.  Since I have my receipt and it’s been less than 7 days since the purchase, aren’t they required to give me a refund?

Consumer Ed says:

In Georgia, retail businesses are not required by law to offer refunds or exchange merchandise.  Stores can set their own refund policies, so your best protection is to ask the store about its policy before you purchase an item.  Find out if the store will issue a cash refund, store credit or exchange for the full amount of the purchase price. Find out if there is a time limit for refunds, and what that limit is.  Ask whether discounted or clearance items can be returned.  Remember, stores may have different policies for different types of merchandise, so also ask what the policy is for the specific item you are purchasing.

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