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How can I stop unwanted telemarketing calls?

Dear Consumer Ed:  I recently applied to refinance my house, and now I am getting calls from all types of lenders about refinancing. I’m on the “Do Not Call” List, so I don’t think they should be calling. What can I do?

Purchasing a manufacturer buyback vehicle

Dear Consumer Ed:  Does a manufacturer buyback car have a branded title for the life of the vehicle? I’m considering purchasing a 2019 car that was bought back by the manufacturer and resold with a warranty. The warranty has now expired, and the car is for resale at a used car lot. Am I crazy to consider buying this car?

Doctor's office refusing to provide me with my medical records

Dear Consumer Ed:  I am not happy with my current doctor and want to look for a new doctor/practice. I called my current doctor’s office and requested a copy of my records, but they told they could not send them to me, that they could only send them to another doctor. Aren’t I entitled to a copy of my own medical records?

Is there a grace period for product returns?

Dear Consumer Ed:  I had a tankless water heater installed two days ago. I signed and paid for the work, but later discovered that I paid $4,500 for a unit that retails for around $2,000. Is there a grace period that allows me to return the unit for a refund?

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