Is HVAC warranty transferable?

January 30, 2019

Dear Consumer Ed:

I bought a house that recently had a new HVAC system installed. The warranty information for the condenser and heating unit state that it only covers the original owner of the residence as of the installation date. However, it goes on to say that some states do not allow this type of limitation to the warranty. How can I find out what the law is in Georgia regarding this type of warranty transfer?

Consumer Ed says:

In Georgia, you generally need to look at the language of the warranty itself. The terms of the warranty, including the ability to transfer the warranty to a subsequent owner, should be contained within the warranty document that should have been provided to the original owner.  Often, these types of warranties require registration with the manufacturer within a certain period of time after the purchase for the warranty terms to apply.  These types of warranties may include instructions for the transfer to a subsequent owner and often require the payment of a fee. You should contact the previous owner to obtain a copy of the warranty, determine whether the system was registered with the manufacturer, and see whether there is a procedure for transferring the warranty. 

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