Roofer never finished repair work

September 21, 2017

Dear Consumer Ed:

I hired a company to repair my roof after it sustained some damage.  They did some of the work, but never finished the job.  It’s been three weeks now.  I have tried calling them and they won’t return my calls.  What can I do now?

Consumer Ed says:

If you have a written service agreement with the roofing contractor, the first thing you should do is look at the terms in the agreement that specify start and completion dates and the process for cancellations and refunds.  A written contract provides you with clear proof of the agreement that was made.  However, even if it was a verbal agreement, you still likely have recourse against the contractor if the contractor has not performed the services that you both agreed to. 

Since it has been three weeks, make sure you document your attempts to reach the contractor.  You should send certified letters with a return receipt requested, explaining the problems you are experiencing and that it is important that he or she contact you immediately.  It is important to have this documentation because it may be needed if you go to court or file a complaint with a professional organization or agency. 

If you cannot resolve the problem directly with the contractor, there are several options available to you.  Georgia does not require a roofing contractor to have a license.  However, most local county or city jurisdictions require all contractors – state licensed or not – to have a local license, such as a business license for tax purposes.  Therefore, if a roofing contractor is required to have a local license in your city or county, you can report him or her to the local licensing board if he or she is operating without the required licensing.

Another option available to you is filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  The Better Business Bureau tries to resolve disputes between consumers and businesses, and it may be able to mediate a solution between you and the contractor.  You also may want to contact a private attorney.  To find a lawyer in your area, contact your local bar association.  A list of the bar associations in Georgia can be found on the State Bar of Georgia’s website:

Finally, you can submit a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission at or to the Georgia Department of Law’s Consumer Protection Division at or by calling 404-651-8600.  

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