July 02, 2021

What kind of licensing is a solar panel installer required to have?

Dear Consumer Ed:

I’m having solar panels installed on my home.  What kind of licensing is the installer required to have?

Consumer Ed says:

The installation of solar panels on a home can be considered the business of electrical contracting in the State of Georgia. Under Georgia law, the installer must be associated with a licensed electrical contractor in Georgia. The licensing of an electrical contractor is controlled by the Division of Electrical Contractors of the State Construction Industry Licensing Board, which is under the Georgia Secretary of State. You can search to see if an electrical contractor has the required professional license by going to the Georgia Secretary of State’s website (sos.ga.gov). From the main menu, click on the "Licensing" tab, then click on "Licensee Search." Choose “Electrical Contractor” from the drop-down menu next to "Profession."

Certain counties and cities may have more laws concerning the installation of solar panels, so it is important to check with your county and/or city Development or Permitting office to see if that local jurisdiction has any additional licensing and permitting requirements.

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