March 17, 2021

Can apartment manager force tenants to pay for valet trash pickup?

Dear Consumer Ed:

Can an apartment complex force tenants to pay for “valet” trash pickup in front of their apartment door versus letting us just take care of it and throw it away in the dumpster for free?

Consumer Ed says:

When you sign an apartment lease, it is important to understand who is responsible for paying the utilities (gas, electric, water, garbage collection). The lease needs to be clear about which utilities are included in the rent (paid by the landlord) and which utilities are to be paid by the tenant.

As far as the valet trash pickup, the terms in your lease will likely determine whether or not you are required to pay this fee. If the lease states that the tenant is responsible for paying for valet trash pickup, there is not much you can do once you have signed the lease. You will not be able to negotiate this provision until your current lease has concluded. However, if your lease does not mention trash collection or if you agreed with your landlord that you would handle the trash collection on your own, the landlord cannot begin charging a fee under the lease agreement, nor can they force you to begin paying a fee under the current lease agreement.

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