Can landlord break lease with tenant to sell the home?

Dear Consumer Ed:

I just received a certified letter stating that my family and I need to move out of our rented home in 60 days. The landlord wants to sell the home, but I have a signed lease that doesn’t expire for another six months. We have been good tenants the whole time we’ve been here: quiet, pay rent on time, have never had a problem. Is the landlord allowed to force us to leave before our lease is up?

Consumer Ed says:

The landlord and tenant may only terminate a written lease according to its termination provisions. Such provisions describe the notice required for either party to terminate the lease before it is complete, as well as any penalties that a party must pay for doing so. If your current lease allows your landlord to terminate with 60-days’ notice (or less), then the landlord can probably terminate the lease in this situation.

If there is no such termination provision in your lease, and since you are current with your rental payments, you may be able to take legal action that would allow you to stay in the apartment until your lease expires. Before taking any such legal action, you should review your lease with an attorney who can advise you on your rights and options in your particular circumstance.

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