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Don't I have 3 days to cancel a sales contract?

May 13, 2019

Dear Consumer Ed:  We were recently talked into purchasing some expensive cookware following a very persuasive demonstration at a neighbor’s house.  We put a significant amount of money down and signed a contract to pay the rest. As soon as the cookware arrived, I realized I had made a mistake. I asked the company to let me send it back and get a refund, explaining that I had not even opened the boxes. They refused to give me a refund, claiming that I only had three days from the date I signed the contract to cancel the sale. Yet it took more than a week for them to deliver the cookware! The company refuses to take back the cookware.  What can I do?

Loan company not reporting all payments to credit bureau

April 30, 2019

Dear Consumer Ed:  I make loan payments, which are reflected on my credit report. I pay every month, but sometimes the loan company skips a month and does not report to the credit bureau. Isn’t that hurting my credit, and don’t they have to fix that?

Safe disposal of cell phones

April 16, 2019

Dear Consumer Ed:  I have an old cell phone that I want to dispose of. How can I do this in a way that will not harm the environment and will prevent others from obtaining any personal information that is or was stored on the device?

Can a merchant charge a restocking fee if merchandise was defective?

March 19, 2019

Dear Consumer Ed:  I bought a fender for a 1969 Chevelle from a parts store. I got the correct part, but it is defective and won’t line up correctly with the side of the car.  When I went to return the part, the parts company charged me a restocking fee. Are they allowed to do that for a defective part?

Can grocery stores sell meat if package's vacuum seal is broken?

February 28, 2019

Dear Consumer Ed:  Can grocery stores sell meat in vacuum-sealed plastic packages if the seal is broken?  I’ve noticed several big name stores that will offer manager’s specials for such products, but I thought it was illegal to sell them if the vacuum seal is broken.

Cable company won't provide price breakdown

February 21, 2019

Dear Consumer Ed:  I am having difficulty getting a price list for all services and fees from my cable company. When I ask for this information they just try to sell me packages that include phone service I don’t want and equipment I don’t need. The website will not let me downgrade, only upgrade. What can I do?

Problems with Used Car Discovered after Purchase

February 1, 2019

Dear Consumer Ed:   recently purchased a car from a “buy here, pay here” dealer. The dealership has “as is” on all its vehicles, but before I bought the car the salesperson told me it was in good condition and ran perfectly.  A few days after I bought the car the vehicle started giving me problems.  When I called the dealership to complain, they told me to bring it in so they could fix it. After two repair attempts, I noticed there was smoke coming from the engine, which had never happened before and makes me think they damaged something inside the motor. Can I sue the dealership for consumer fraud and damaging my vehicle?

Is HVAC warranty transferable?

January 30, 2019

Dear Consumer Ed:  I bought a house that recently had a new HVAC system installed. The warranty information for the condenser and heating unit state that it only covers the original owner of the residence as of the installation date. However, it goes on to say that some states do not allow this type of limitation to the warranty. How can I find out what the law is in Georgia regarding this type of warranty transfer?