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Store refund policy

November 4, 2010

Dear Consumer Ed: I bought a shirt last week and it doesn’t fit.  I brought it back to the store with my receipt, but they will only give me a store credit.  Since I have my receipt and it’s been less than 7 days since the purchase, aren’t they required to give me a refund?

Subcontractor placing lien on my home!

November 4, 2010

Dear Consumer Ed: I paid a roofer to repair some damage to my roof. Now, several months later, I’m being contacted by one of his workers who is threatening to place a lien against my home because the roofer never paid him. Can he do this?

Tenant rights in a foreclosure

November 4, 2010

Dear Consumer Ed: My landlord is having financial problems, and I am worried that the house I am renting may go into foreclosure.  As a tenant, what are my rights? Will I be forced to leave immediately?

Work-at-Home Jobs

November 4, 2010

Dear Consumer Ed: My unemployment insurance is about to run out.  I keep seeing these on-line job offers where you can make a lot of money working from home.  They ask you to pay a fee for training and certification.  How can I make sure I am not wasting my time and money?